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Hello all, my name is DuchessDream.

On my page you will find my take on Nanbaka as well as links to other wiki I contribute to.

How I Found Nanbaka

I only just found Nanbaka about a month ago; Scrolling through the Funimation app on my PS3 and found an interesting looking thumbnail of a colorful group of vibrant inmates. Very quickly it became one of my favourite anime. I did watch it in English.

What I Like About Nanbaka

The thing I enjoy most about the show is how the inmates and guards are more like elementary school students and teachers. Not to mention it's insanely vibrant and sparkly art style!

The English voice actors chosen for each character and the voices they provide are perfect! The writers also did a great job of colloquializing the punchlines just enough for western audiences.

Favourite Character?

I think my favourite character is Uno. The voice actor did an amazing job with delivering his lines. He's also probably my favourite character because he yells in a funny way. I also find Yamato really funny. I normally wouldn't find that kind of character funny, but I think it's because he's loud and proper all the time. His way of speaking never changes.

But Uno's not my favourite in terms of "design". I get that his super long braid is his "trademark" but I feel that even if it were just a waist-length braid, it would have looked fine; I find the current length looks odd on him. My favourite character(s) -in terms of design- are probably Jyugo and Hitoshi Sugoroku.

Jyugo is kind of basic in the sense that he has the "Main boy hair cut" which is just a simple, shaggy, black hair style. The red gradient on the sides didn't influence me on my choice though.

As for Hitoshi, I like the colour choice for his lolita style; as well as his hair...wig? I didn't notice at first how many bows he had in it. I normally find more than two bows to be a bit much, but he has upwards of 8. So I say "Good job" to the artist for tricking my dislike of "over-bow usage".

How I Contribute to the Nanbaka Wiki

The main thing I enjoy adding to the wiki is specific information i.e Chapter debut, Hair colour, Eye colour, Appearance etc. I don't do too will with writing synopsis... I find it both difficult to summaries things and tiring. I also like to make corrections. Not exactly to the levels of a "Grammar Nazi". I find I have a skill for writing (at least to a degree) so both punctuation and vocabulary are things I tend to correct or add. (But I really suck at spelling, thank God for spellcheck!) I also like adding information to music and game categories; on any wiki that is.

My Favourite Wikis (and My Status)

Admin , Bureaucrat & Mod


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