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Samon Gokuu



Biographical Information



Gokuu Samon

Also known as

Saru (Monkey)

Basic Information







173cm (5'8")


60kg (132lbs)

Blood Type


Hair Color

Orange (w/ green tips)

Eye Color

Apple Green


Enki Gokuu (Older Brother)



Prison Information





Chapter 10


Episode 1

Voice Actors
Japanese Voice

Soichiro Hoshi

English Voice

Brandon McInnis

Samon Gokuu (悟空猿門 Gokuu Samon) is a supporting character of the anime and web manga series. He is the supervising officer in charge of Building 5 of Nanba Prison.


Samon has apple green eyes with red traditional Chinese make up lining them. His hair is a medium length; orange with light-green gradients at the tips. He has tanned skin and a thin nose. Small red fangs are painted on both corners of his mouth. He also has piercings on his ears. He dons the formal Nanba Prison guard uniform. He also has two curricular ornaments on his shoulders, as well as two cold 'wing-like' pins on his uniform collar. A red belt which has an articulating, long red tail attached to it on the back. He wears a pair of shinny, red-camo boots with gold and green ornamentation.

Samon used to have a ponytail tied into a braid when he was a child. At an unknown point in time, it was cut.

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Samon has a rather child-like personality, showing child-like expressions. He has a wide range of imagination, seen in Episode 2 of the anime where he tries to guess the reasons behind the multiple escapes done by Nico, Rock and Uno. He also shows a strong desire to surpass Enki Gokuu, his older brother. Samon hesitates to attack Enki despite the fact that Enki is an escaped inmate. He is also shown to have a very short fuse, especially when people taunt him about the incident regarding his older brother, or just the mention of Hajime's name.

While doing his paperwork he may enjoy eating a frozen treat.

He also gets frustrated at Inori's reluctance to do his work and often punches him for avoiding it. Samon was also shocked to hear from Inori that many guards under him were unhappy with his leadership.

Samon can become offended by the warden as she's confessed that she pats him on the head because he's shorter than her.


When he was younger, he would always train with his older brother —whom he admired greatly.

Before working at Nanba Prison, Samon worked with his brother at a prison in China. While working there, Samon met Upa. He passed Upa a present he had received from Upa's family. This shocked Upa, whom had initially presumed that his family believed him to be dead. However, Samon later reveals that he was the one who told his family the truth. He also tells him that it's not wrong to tell someone that he was alive. Samon just wanted to clarify things before leaving, telling Upa "Not to cause any more trouble."

When Enki was still the head supervising officer of Building 5, Samon was the deputy supervising officer. After Enki betrayed Nanba Prison and killed an inmate, Samon became the head supervising officer.


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  • His favorite color is emerald green.
  • He likes popsicles and sports.
  • He dislikes bananas.
  • His hobbies are training and gardening.
  • Samon, along with Kiji Mitsuba, Kenshirou Yozakura, and Momoko Hyakushiki, is an allusion to the Japanese folklore Momotarō. Samon representing one of Momotarō's companions, the monkey.
  • His fighting style references that of Sun Wukong, the Monkey King's from the 16th century Chinese novel, Journey to the West.
  • Samon (沙門) refers to "a wandering monk". Gokuu is the name based on Sun Wukong; which means "extraordinary ability to innovate."
    • The "Sa" in his first name could also be derived from "saru" (猿), which literally means "ape."


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