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19 'Birthdate: 9 March♓




186cm (6'1")


75kg (165lbs)

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Purple (w/ red center)

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Airu Shiozaki

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Jarrod Greene

Rock (ロック Rokku) is one of the main protagonists of the anime and web manga series. He is in Nanba Prison for starting a gang riot in a city.


Rock is a tall and muscular young man with yellow eyes. His most notable feature is his rather long purple hair which is styled with a prominent red mohawk in the middle; the bangs of his hair are slightly longer and hold a beaded accessory with feathers at the bottom. His inmate number is tattooed on his right forearm, and he sports a thick, horizontal scar over the bridge of his nose. His nails are painted purple.

Rock wears an orange inmates' jumpsuit with short sleeves; he wears it mostly unzipped, exposing most of his torso. His ID badge is pinned to his left breast, and he also wears black boots.

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He loves fighting and eating and is incredibly strong, with only Hajime Sugoroku being stronger. He can be short tempered and impulsive, but cares for his friends. He is arguably the dimmest and most simple minded of the four (Nico being a close second), often preferring to throw fists and asks questions later. In fact, it was his love of fights that got him in prison. He loves a good fight or challenge, often asking Hajime if he can spar with him, with Hajime often beating him. However, he has shown to be a friendly individual and interacts well with others.

Despite being considered simple minded, it is shown he has reasonable observation skills and shows some common sense when not thinking about fights and food, at one point noticing Jyugo's skills with puzzles and wondering why he can't put it to better use. He is also shown to be capable of following orders when he desires, despite normally not liking authority, as he was the only one of his inmates to be able to build a competent drawer unlike Uno, Jyugo, and Nico, who got distracted and made their own wooden sculptures or contraptions out of the drawers.

He is rather loud and impulsive but when given food, he calms down. His love of food is stronger than his love of fights, as Hajime is usually able to calm Rock down by giving him a menu for the prison lunch, causing Rock to sit staring quietly at it and drool. In addition, he compliments the assistant Chef Shiro's food quite often. He is also shown to have a fondness for women (though to a far lesser extent than Uno who is more perverted and has more experience), staring and blushing when he sees a beautiful woman but not actively flirting with them. When Qi asked him if he's a butt or a breast type, he answered that it's gotta be breasts after all. Its also very easy to arouse him by only talking about perverted things about women.


Born to a wealthy family, Rock rejected his dad as his dad wanted Rock to be like him. Running away from home, Rock was arrested and sent to juvenile hall for starting a gang riot, but escaped because the food was terrible. Rock was then arrested once again and was sent to prison, only to again escape due to the terrible food.

At an unknown point in time, Rock was placed in a prison cell by himself and was starved. It was then that Rock met Jyugo who freed Rock from Prison. Jyugo then brought Rock to a nearby restaurant to fill up his stomach. Rock now claims that it was because of Jyugo that he came to enjoy and appreciate food.

At some point, he met back up with Jyugo, who was with Uno, in Las Vegas while he was trying to find Nico, who took his money and abandoned him at a restaurant, which left him in trouble for doing a dine and dash. Nico didn't mean to leave him but got distracted easily. It is also stated that he was sent to cell 5 before he went to cell 13 with his friends.


The New Year's Tournament Arc

Building 5 Arc


  • His favorite color is royal purple.
  • He seems to have a soft spot for animals, especially cats.
  • His favorite food is donuts.
  • According to Jyugo, he snores loudly in his sleep.
  • The Rōmaji in Rock's name, Roku, is composed of the numbers 6 (Ro) and 9 (Ku), forming his ID number, 69.
  • He can eat a lot depending on what food it is.
  • He dislikes unappetizing things.
  • His hobbies are eating and sleeping.
  • Rock has the ability to see ghosts.


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