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Momoko Hyakushiki (百式 百子 Hyakushiki Momoko), also known as Warden/the Warden or Ms. Hyakushiki/Warden Hyakushiki, is a supporting character of the Nanbaka Anime and Web Manga series. She is the female Warden of Nanba Prison.


Momoko is a peach-skinned woman of above-average height with a voluptuous figure with a thin waist and large breasts. She has long, mid-thigh length spiky blue hair that has two prominent strands of the back of her hair protruding like horns and red eyes with long eyelashes. Being concealed by her warden's hat, she has a red dot on her forehead.

She wears a burgundy suit with her nameplate on her left breast with her arm band spelling out "Warden" and a dark red tie. At the top of her tie is a gold medallion with the kanji for 100 (百 Hyaku) on it as well as two gold bars on her collar, two gold spikes on each shoulders, white gloves with gold-lined red hearts. She also wears a black belt around her waist with a half demon-like face in gold with spikes and wears knee high black boots that are adorned with 6 silver stripes each with hearts surrounded by gold which slowly increases in size as they go up, with the last hearts on top of the boots having gold spikes sticking out of them. Both boots have gold decoration at the top and bottom. She generally wears her warden hat with a gold adornment with two spikes sticking upwards.

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Momoko is a stern, serious and somewhat sadistic woman with an intimidating aura and a frightening glare who takes her job as warden seriously. However, she has an unrequited love for Hajime Sugoroku, describing him as handsome and cool, while in return Hajime thinks she is suspicious of him and that she has a death glare.

She is also serious about her job as Warden, with her crush for Hajime being of less importance than her duty, as shown where she issued him a suspension for unnecessary roughness in bringing down Jyugo during his fit of rage, although she was severely depressed for doing so and even cried, asking Hajime for forgiveness when she was alone in her room [2].

She is also shown to be kind towards the other guards, showing kindness towards most of them, complimenting them on a job well done and giving them all chocolates on Valentine's Day. Despite her seriousness, she can be girly at times which can come as a shock to others.[3]. She is eager to try out new things.[4]


It is uncertain how Momoko came to work at Nanba Prison, but she seems to have been there for a long time.


Momoko summons Hajime Sugoroku to make sure that there have been no problems regarding the inmates of Cell 13. He gives her an explanation, while secretly growing increasingly nervous because of her intense staring. Meanwhile, Momoko begins internally blushing because she got to have a long conversation with Hajime.

She later summons Hajime to give a more precise description of why the inmates aren't escaping, with only Samon Gokuu watching. Their hands make contact upon Hajime handing her files, which causes her to blush. The moment is shattered when Samon attacks him by hitting him in the stomach with his rod, claiming that he threw the papers at the Warden. While silently cursing the interruption, Momoko listens to Hajime's explanations, growing increasingly surprised. Upon leaving, Samon warns him that she was glaring daggers at him the entire time, while she rejoices because Hajime said her last name, Hyakushiki.

During the New Year's cleaning, Hajime and Samon are assigned to clean her office. Once again, Hajime is silently terrified because of how sternly Momoko is observing him. Meanwhile, she fantasizes about him and she grows increasingly excited as he cleans her desk.

At the New Year's competition, she scares him into competing by giving him a blood-curdling stare after he tells Kenshirou Yozakura that he won't be playing in that round. During the entire competition, Momoko fantasizes about dancing with Hajime when she saw him and Samon holding each other's hand (while the two men glare at each other).

In Episode 16: The Traitorous Building 5, it is revealed that Momoko owns a small chibi-style plush toy of Hajime during her departure and it is unknown whether she had just gotten it around that time or if she had already owned it long before then.



  • The name Momoko means "peach" (百) (momo) and "child" (子) (ko).
  • Momoko's surname Hyakushiki means "hundred" (百) (hyaku) and "formula" (式) (shiki).


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