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Kojiro (五死郎 Kojiro) is an antagonist exclusive to the Nanbaka Web Manga series. He is one of the members of Team Elf.


Kojiro is a young man of above-average height with a muscular build. He has round eyes with short eyelashes, black sclera, and golden yellow irises. He has short, dark blue hair with navy blue spikes on the top of his head, sharp teeth, and bright pink fingernails. He wears a tight turtle-neck black top, cut along the sides and his chest in a triangular form. Over his top, he wears long blue sleeves with red markings on them. He has bright pink tattoos on his face and arms, which, according to Ikkaku, symbolize the teeth of a shark that are known to disappear and reappear, being "reborn many times". He has a see-through fin with a skeleton extending from his head to the bottom of his fin.


Kojiro is a lively and hyperactive person who is extremely generous to everyone. He doesn't hold a grudge against anyone and accepts everyone for who they are. He always shows his optimistic side, and whenever someone feels down, he'll try to cheer them up whatever it takes. People can talk about any matter with him as he's a good listener, although, being him childish a bit, he often doesn't know how to respond. He's a bubbly and happy-go-lucky character, which are surprising traits for an antagonist.

He is an alcoholic along with Ikkaku and Musashi, and he loves awamori, a Japanese alcoholic beverage. He wants to enjoy life to the fullest. He likes playing with children, although they get scared because of his eyes. This incident resulted in him going to Six and asking for sunglasses. He also likes making some beautiful handicraft in his free time as well as playing with his shark friends in the sea and singing.


Kojiro as a child, believing he was hated because he couldn't swim.

Kojiro, born as "Shiro", was born in the islands of Okinawa. As a child, he believed he was hated by others because of not being able to swim. This event led him to enroll in a high sport-centered school far away from the sea. There, he was quickly recognized as a talented runner and won most of the races he attended. However, he had many people who were jealous of him due to his successes, of whom he hadn't realized were among his friends. [1]

Kojiro, after he was pushed off by his group of "friends"

Once they were walking through a bridge that was above a railway station, one of his friends dared him to climb up to the edge. When he jumped onto the bridge, he grinned back happily to his companions when suddenly, he felt a push on his back. Due to the impact, he lost his consciousness, and when he awoke, he was met with the image of his legs cut below his knees, realizing a train went across it while unconscious. Without his legs, he couldn't run anymore, so his career was washed away. [2] It is not clear how he first met the Man with the Scar, but it is certain that he was an experiment of him, thus getting his see-through fin, which looks like it's made of water.


Along with other members of Team Elf, he appeared rescuing Ikkaku from Nanba Prison.[3]

He was asked about Ikkaku's whereabouts by Manji as he was let to have a tattoo, and he wanted Ikkaku to make the design. Kojiro asked him about what meaning would it have, to which Manji responded with a questioning look. He then explained to him that many people tattoo themselves because of a special meaning. They were talking a little bit when Manji asked him whether his tattoos have a meaning. Kojiro said of course, but shooed Manji away before further explanation. After he had finished his drink, he jumps into the sea visiting a hiding Ikkaku.[4]

He wasn't affected with Elfica cells until he was seriously injured in a fight with Akua Jyuunoichi, one of the leaders of the Zodiac Police. When Elf had taken control over him, he paved a road within the sea making Akua unable to use his technology and two of the sharks to nearly suffocate. However, Ikkaku appeared just in time, punching Kojiro in the face pushing him out of the trance. [5]


  • Kojiro loves awamori.
  • Shou Futamata had the idea of a shark and thus created Kojiro.
  • Kojiro doesn't know how to make coffee and doesn't drink it.
  • Kojiro likes to eat fried soy and drink milk and sake.
  • Kojiro likes to go karaoke and going to pet stores with Manji.
  • Kojiro wears glasses when he goes out in public because people look at his eyes.
    • He's also been told by others that they look like a Halloween costume.
  • The doll of his initial design by the author smells like the ocean.
  • The animal Kojiro represents is a shark.


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