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Basic Information





American (Half Japanese)


180cm (5'10")



Blood Type


Hair Color

Purple and Pink

Eye Color

Emerald green



Prison Information


ID Number







Chapter 17


Episode 3 (Cameo)
Episode 4 (Debut)

Voice Actors
Japanese Voice

Takao Mitsutomi

English Voice

Kyle Igneczi

Honey (ハニー Hanī), inmate number 82, is a supporting character of the Nanbaka Web Manga and anime. He is an inmate of Nanba Prison where he is held in building three, cell six alongside Trois.


Honey is a rather handsome young man with a lean build. He stands at average height and has fair skin and emerald-green eyes; beneath his left eye lies a small beauty mark. His hair is purple with pink tips, worn with the left bangs slicked back and the right ones brushed over his face; when angered, strands of hair resembling devil’s tails emerge which have red and yellow tips. He wears gold bar earrings in each ear and sports a red tattoo on the left side of his neck which depicts a heart slipt horizontally down the middle. His nails are purple.

Honey wears a white inmates’ jumpsuit accessorized with a thin, black armband worn on each arm and a black necktie. On occasion, he wears the top of his jumpsuit open and the necktie undone.[1] He sports a black apron around his waist and wears black shoes. His ID‌ badge is pinned to the left side of his chest.



Honey's bad-tempered nature

Like Trois, Honey is initially portrayed as cool-headed and cocky, with a great amount of confidence in his abilities and appearance; he considers himself to be the best-looking man in Nanba, indicating his arrogance.[2] However, he is also an irascible individual who loses his temper easily, quickly becoming aggressive; he is highly vulgar during such times, prone to excessive profanity and pointing his middle finger up at those who anger him.[3] He is stubborn, as shown when he refuses to accept his loss to Uno during the New Year's Tournament;[4] he considers any and all subsequent losses to be a result of Uno cheating. He also has a highly selfish nature, the extremity of which is shown when he refuses to save Jyugo and Uno from a perilous situation as he doesn't want to waste his tools. He appears to be a highly suspicious person as he dislikes it when something isn't clear-cut;[5] he is antagonistic towards Jyugo largely because he cannot read him and persistently believes him to be hiding something.[6]

Honey has a strong interest in women such that it borders on perversion; he won't hesitate to ask them about the color of their underwear, specifically pants, even if the woman is a complete stranger.[7] Ironically, he considers Trois's highly similar actions to be far more perverted.


Arrested for an unspecified crime, Honey ended up in multiple prisons with Trois. They persistently broke out using violent and destructive methods which eventually lead to them being transferred to Nanba.[8]


Part One

New Year's Tournament arc

Honey and Trois vs

Honey and Trois vs. Uno

Honey's cell is chosen to participate in the New Year's Tournament.[9] He and Trois participate in the third round, Hyakunin Isshu, against Uno, whom Honey quickly gains the upper hand on. As he does, Trois warns that he may cheat soon and swaps places with Honey. However, Uno unexpectedly begins to take cards, leading Honey to swap places with Trois once again. He proves to be no match for Uno, who informs him of all his quirks and habits that enable Uno to beat him to the cards; Honey soon loses his temper, and Trois swaps with him once more. Despite their efforts, Uno eventually defeats the two of them.[10]

Part Two


Honey and Trois visit Uno's recreation room

Honey, along with Trois, is invited by Uno to visit his recreation room; Honey remains infuriated, refusing to accept his defeat and accusing Uno of showing off. Encouraged to join in by Kiji, he becomes further irritated upon discovering the room is empty, with Uno stating he wants everyone to build it together.[11] The construction of the recreation room seems successful; the inmates end up playing cards together, with Honey soon getting into a fight with Liang. Later, Musashi arrives and Honey introduces himself to him. Sometime later, Mitsuru brings various items to the room, among which are dartboards that Honey quickly begins playing with, boasting to Uno about his skills.[12] He is later sent back to his cell by Hajime.[13]

Building Five arc

Honey and Trois imprisoned in Gogyousan

Honey imprisoned in Gogyousan

Honey and Trois are taken to building five for training by Kiji; there, they end up captured and imprisoned in the Gogyousan Underground Prison. Infuriated at the situation, Honey's continuous shouting attracts the attention of Uno, Jyugo, Upa, Nico and Liang; the latter hits him until he stops shouting and Jyugo releases him and Trois from the cell as they explain what happened to them. As they finalize their plans to rescue the guards and leave the underground, the inmates begin to make their way through the prison.[14] As they do so, Liang defeats one of the patrolling Jiang Shi Dolls; Honey asks if they will have to defeat all of them, with Liang responding that it wouldn't be possible. As Uno tries to come up with more plans, they are confronted and chased by a hoard of Jiang Shi Dolls. While running, Honey shouts at Uno for his fear and is almost caught up in a trap and is saved by Trois, gaining a bleeding nose as a result. They eventually manage to lose them by retreating into a storage room.[15]

After a brief rest, Honey suggests they should continue and they head out once again. As they continue their journey, Liang is unexpectedly attacked by a possessed Ruka[16] whom Liang and Upa manage to defeat. After doing so, they convince Trois and the others to go ahead without them which they eventually do; as Trois questions where Liang and Upa will be alright, Honey assures him that they will be.[17] As they make their way to the next level, Honey hears Trois and Jyugo talking about him and loses his temper; as the conversation turns into a debate over who is the most popular, the group notices that Nico is no longer with them, causing Uno to panic,[18] insisting that the problem is far worse than simply Nico being ill.[19] Uno attempts to head back to find him, forcing Honey and the others to hold him back. As they do so, a trap in the form of a large wave is triggered, knocking them to the next level of the underground. There, notice that Jyugo has drowned in the time and argue over who should resuscitate him.


Honey and Uno notice Ruka

While exploring the new level of the underground, Trois leads the inmates into a room for storing Jiang Shi dolls. While preventing Uno from making a fuss, Honey ultimately decides to leave Trois behind and continue; while doing so, he snaps at Jyugo for lagging behind. He then asks Uno whether he is suspicious of Jyugo; Uno responds that the two are good friends and that he and Honey would get along well. As they talk, they encounter Ruka Gojou who threatens to punish them for escaping; when Honey and the others tease him about his similarity to Kiji until he loses his temper and attacks, summoning a possessed Youriki and Kokoriki to defeat them.[20]

Deciding to run, Honey and Uno flee the guards until Trois arrives and defeats them with a handmade gun, leading Honey to yell at him for his recklessness. As Trois continues fighting Youriki and Kokoriki, Honey explains Trois' past and crimes to Jyugo and Uno and concludes that he went overboard. After Trois successfully overpowers their opponents, Honey and the others begin to run again; however, Jyugo is captured by Ruka.[21] Angered, Honey recalls the times he previously met Jyugo and becomes increasingly annoyed at his uselessness and lack of expression. They eventually manage to escape and lose Ruka; as they do, Honey states that they should abandon Jyugo as he is a burden to them, pointing out that they could manage well enough without him. He gradually becomes angrier as Uno and Trois try to defend him, eventually shouting at Jyugo for his uselessness. Asking if he knows something they don't, he attempts to punch Jyugo but is stopped by Uno who tells him to keep his voice down. When Uno too refuses to concede to his beliefs, Honey storms off in irritation.[22]


Honey ConceptArt

Honey's original concept art vs. his final design

* The name Honey means "eight" (八) (hachi) and "two" (二) (ni), a reference to his ID number 82.
  • Honey's original concept art had only minor differences from his final design. He initially had black hair in a neater style, no tattoo or nail polish, and seemed to have a more cool-headed personality.
  • According to Honey's character card:
    • He likes women's underwear (lower), caviar and alcohol.
    • He dislikes rejection and Mont Blanc.
    • His hobbies include picking up women, darts and drinking contests.
  • Honey and Trois have their own Fanclub.[23]


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