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Hanzou Hattori



Biographical Information

八鳥 半蔵


Hattori Hanzou

Basic Information


Hair Color

Blonde (w/ magenta tips)

Eye Color



Tsukumo (Former client)



Prison Information

Talent Manager


Chapter 52


Episode 7

Voice Actors
Japanese Voice

Hiroki Takahashi

Hanzou Hattori (八鳥 半蔵 Hattori Hanzo) is Tsukumo's former manager. He visited Nanba Prison in an attempt to persuade Tsukumo to star in an upcoming movie.


Hanzou is a young man with a slightly tan Caucasian skin complexion and spiked blonde hair ending with a magenta gradient, much akin to Uno albeit being in a more dull shade. His hair ends barely above his collar bone and is tied with dark pink bands into six small ponytails; four in the back and one on each side of his face.

He wears two pairs of sunglasses; one pair with yellow lenses and a dark brown frame over his eyes, and the other pair in a subtle purple and pink gradient and lacking a frame, sitting idly on top of his head. On his upper body, he wears a sky blue Hawaiian-style shirt with a dark blue flower pattern all over, and on his lower body he wears a pair of dark blue shorts. His jewelry consists of small silver hoop earrings on his ears, a metal bead necklace with a blue diamond-shaped charm his neck, and four camouflage-esque printed bracelets in different colors and a round metal piece on top of each one on both of his wrists. The colors of his bracelets, in order from his wrists going to his forearms, are dark blue, yellow, pink, and teal.

The color of his eyes are indeterminate due to the color of the sunglasses he wears over them, though it could be possible that they are a dark shade of blue or green.

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Hanzou is shown to have a smug and cocky disposition, and uses deception and persuasion for personal gain.


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  • The kanji 八 means "eight many, numerous," "to gossip," "to stick one's nose in." "鳥" means "bird," "半" means "half," and "蔵" means "store, hide."
  • Hanzou Hattori is based of a famous ninja of the Sengoku era, credited with saving the life of Tokugawa Ieyasu and then helping him to become the ruler of united Japan.


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