Jyugo's constant half-heartedly escape attempts annoys and enrages Hajime, often ending by Jyugo getting beat up and thrown back to his cell. Hajime hides Jyugo's escape attempts and abilities from guards outside Building 13 and the warden.

In the beginning, Hajime trusts him the least out of all the prison mates, seeing the other three more as juveniles and not threatening, especially since their reasons for being in prison don't warrant any genuine harm or concern. Yet he could not see through Jyugo and his reasons of constant escaping prison remains unclear. Convinced that Jyugo had ulterior motivations, Hajime kept a close eye on him.

When Jyugo went into a moment of rage, Hajime saw it as Jyugo finally revealing his true colors, and did not hesitate to break several of his bones and send him into a coma to stop him. Yet after listening to the conversation between Musashi and Jyugo, seeing Jyugo unable to understand Musashi's motivations, he finally understood that instead of having ulterior motivations, Jyugo simply lacks any sort of desire or objective. Hajime claimed that Jyugo was empty and admits that he overestimated him.

But he is also the one who forced Jyugo to face his own problems and helped him stand up again from his depression. He also claims that finding the scarred guard and bring down the organization was now his job and not Jyugo's. As long as Jyugo behaves, Hajime is lenient towards him.

Jyugo's seems to enjoy teasing Hajime and aggravating him with his escape attempts despite always getting beat up afterwards. However, he did care and try not to get Hajime in trouble by guards from other buildings.


Like his friends, he enjoys teasing Hajime. Hajime tends to get annoyed with his antics like he does with the others but is usually able to prevent him from wanting to escape by showing him erotic magazines. Their relationship turned sour after Hajime beat Jyugo, saying that Hajime was a worse monster for what he did and lectured him severely before kicking him out of the cell. However, after Jyugo returned, their relation became normal again.


He enjoys teasing Hajime and challenging him to fights, which he always loses. Hajime gets annoyed by his antics but takes advantage of Rock's simplemindedness to keep him in line, usually baiting him with the lunch menu to keep him calm.


While the two have not much interaction, Hajime tends to get annoyed with him like he does with the other cell 13 inmates. However, he also refers to Nico as a good kid and the easiest of the cell mates to handle and seems to treat him slightly gentler than he does the other inmates due to being the youngest and least threatening. Nico acts friendly to Hajime though does tease him on occasion.


Seitarou Tanabata

The two seem to get along and Seitarou is one of the few people Hajime has never been shown to get angry at. He gives Seitarou advice on how to handle the prisoners and advises him to have more confidence, while Seitarou looks up to Hajime as a role model and his superior.

Yamato Godai

Hajime is often annoyed of Yamato for having no sense of directions at all.

Hitoshi Sugoroku

Hitoshi is his younger brother whom he seems embarrassed of due to his crossdressing habits. Despite this, his younger brother cares greatly for him and often comes to visit him. When he is sick, Hitoshi is the one to care for him.

Mitsuru Hitokoe

Hajime and Mitsuru seem to be old friends, yet Hajime is often annoyed by his attitude and Mitsuru doesn't miss a chance to tease Hajime.

Samon Gokuu

Hajime and Samon had a violent rivalry, basically either bicker like little kids or get into heated/violent fights with each other, to a point where Kazari Otogi had to break them up.

Nanba Staff

Momoko Hyakushiki

She is probably the only person in Nanbaka Hajime is scared of. Momoko has a huge crush on him, yet he is terrified of her and totally oblivious to her affection, as her admiring love stares at him look like intense death glares from his perspective. He hides the fact that the cell 13 inmates often escape to keep his job and probably to protect the inmates from cell 13 as well. He is also frightened of her temper, shivering when she shows true anger. Despite this he does respect her power and abilities and sees her as a competent warden.