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Hajime Sugoroku



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Sugoroku Hajime

Also known as

Gorilla (ゴリラ Gorira)

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199cm (6'5")[2]


80kg (176lbs)[3]

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Eye Color

Dark red


Hitoshi Sugoroku (Younger Brother)[5]



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Supervising Guard




Chapter 1


Episode 1

Voice Actors
Japanese Voice

Tomokazu Seki

English Voice

Ian Sinclair

Hajime Sugoroku 「双六 一 Sugoroku Hajime」 is one of the main protagonists of the Nanbaka anime and web manga. He is a guard of Nanba Prison, where he is considered to be the prison's strongest guard in generations.[7] He is the supervisor of building thirteen[8] and the older brother of Hitoshi Sugoroku.[9]


Hajime is a stern-faced man whose most distinctive traits are his bald head and the large, cross-shaped scar around his right eye. He stands at above-average height and has a mildly toned build, lightly tanned skin and sharp, dark red eyes.

Hajime wears the standard Nanba Prison guard uniform which, unlike the majority of the guards, he wears with no personal modifications. The only changes are that which distinguish him as a supervisor; an extra line of gold trimming on each jacket sleeve, gold chording on his hat and rectangular, gold pins on his collar. As a guard of building thirteen, he wears a red armband on his left arm. His ID‌ badge is pinned to the left side of his chest.



Hajime's intimidating nature

Hajime is stern, irritable, ill-tempered, uptight and intimidating in nature. He takes his duties very seriously and is immensely dedicated to his job; he is said to have reached his current levels of strength through pure hard work and commitment, which has gained significant admiration and notoriety from his subordinates.[10] He claims that he is willing to do anything for the sake of his job, including maiming and killing others if necessary; this mindset allows him to attempt to do so with no signs of remorse or empathy,[11] causing him to be recognized as a needlessly violent and aggressive person. Despite this, he is often selfish and complains if he is forced to do extra work.[12] He is noted to be a workaholic and becomes irrationally bored when forced to take even short amounts of time off;[13] when he receives a three-day suspension due to his own violent actions, he resorts to completing paperwork outside his own department[14] and performing volunteer work[15] to reduce his boredom.

Despite his habitual dedication and efficiency, Hajime has proven to be rather air-headed and forgetful when it comes to matters outside of his duties.[16] In addition, he is not above breaking rules himself, such as keeping a pet cat at work,[17] habitually smoking in non-smoking areas with no concern for the protests of others[18] and, more seriously, failing to report cell thirteen's frequent escape attempts in order to avoid repercussions. The latter results in him becoming highly nervous around his boss, fearing that she will find out about his deception.[19]

Episode 14-5

Hajime's wrath

Hajime is a short-tempered individual who is prone to both yelling at and acting violently[20] towards those who anger him, believing that in doing so others will eventually learn their place;[21] he tends to advise brute force as the most effective way to deal with troublesome prisoners[22][23] and has to be held back by his coworkers on multiple occasions.[24][25] His aggravation increases in times of stress, which occurs regularly due to the antics of cell thirteen and the thought of being punished as a result; as well as being more irritable during such times, he tends to experience chronic stomach pains.[26]

Hajime is an apathetic, arrogant and remorseless individual who admits to these traits openly, but does little to rectify them. He routinely admits that he acts only for his own sake and, during a deadly battle with Enki Gokuu, stops to complain about his personal problems and setbacks that occurred as a result.[27] He rarely considers how a given situation will impact those other than him, and his obnoxious attitude contributes greatly to the tense relationship that he and his coworkers share; he often speaks condescendingly to them,[28] seeming to see himself as superior to them because of his status as the prison’s strongest guard. Despite this, he doesn’t appear to hold this title in very high regard.[29] He cares very little for the opinions of others and rarely boasts about his superior abilities, further indicating his apathy.


Hajime as a deputy supervisor

Hajime steps up to apprehend Enki

When training to be a guard in Nanba Prison, Hajime passed his exams with full marks. He has allegedly made no mistakes in his work performance and gained a reputation as a diligent, talented officer by the time he was a deputy supervisor. Many of his subordinates admired and aspired to be like him.[30]

At some point, Enki Gokuu allegedly murdered an inmate and Hajime stepped up to apprehend him as his supervisor was unable to. Fighting him until he turned himself in, Hajime was promoted to supervisor in acknowledgment of his courage and strength.[31]


Part One


Hajime irritated by Jyugo

Hajime is summoned to cell thirteen where Jyugo, Uno, Nico and Rock provide him with mundane requests, much to his irritation. He later overhears them conversing while doing his rounds and remarks upon how carefree they are.[32] He is soon forced to chase an escaping Jyugo, returning him to his cell for the third time that day.[33] He continues to perform his duties in taking care of the inmates, during which he explains video games to Nico and spars with Rock. He is later visited by his younger brother, Hitoshi Sugoroku; their visit is quickly interrupted by Jyugo, Uno, Nico and Rock who believe Hitoshi to be a cute girl. Hajime becomes irritated as he informs them otherwise after bidding his brother farewell.[34] He later spends some time recovering from a fever before returning to work where he gives Seitarou Tanabata advice on how to deal with bothersome inmates, telling him about their respective weaknesses.[35] Sometime later, Hajime transfers Tsukumo to cell thirteen before being forced to prevent his and Jyugo's escape attempts in the middle of the night, sending Tsukumo to cell eleven as a result.[36] Subsequently, he ends up explaining his pet cat to Seitarou before playing poker with Uno, cheating in order to win and make him obedient.[37] He then takes cell thirteen to their work posts where he explains the quality of the prison's handmade furniture; he later beats the inmates for failing to do their work properly,[38]

After a while, Momoko Hyakushiki returns to the prison and requests to speak with Hajime where he claims that there have been no problems in his building. Momoko and Samon Gokuu remain skeptical with the former describing cell thirteen as hardened escaped convicts; Hajime brushes them off and promises to bring detailed reports the following day, but returns to his building in a state of panic having believed she'd found out the truth about the escapes.[39] Hajime obediently returns the next day and, after a brief interlude in which he is attacked and berated by Samon, explains the inmates' histories to the two of them. He concludes that they had petty reasons to escape in the past and that they no longer wish to do so because of Nanba Prison's superior condition compared with other prisons;[40][41] however, he remains suspicious of Jyugo's motives and vows to keep a close eye on him.[42]

New Year's Tournament Arc

As Nanba Prison prepares for New Year, Hajime arrives and tells cell thirteen to begin preparations.[43] After New Year's, he takes building thirteen to the morning assembly and listens as Momoko announces the imminent New Year's Tournament. As he, Yamato Godai and Seitarou explain the rules to cell thirteen, Kenshirou Yozakura announces that the latter will be representing the building, much to Hajime's irritation.[44] He is soon approached by Samon who mocks him for the outcome, eventually resulting in an argument between them, Kiji Mitsuba and Kenshirou which Hajime explains is normal. Hajime then wins the first round for building thirteen, [45] before watching the second round and explaining that building five are known for going overboard during tournaments.[46] During the third event, he nominates Seitarou and explains the rules to the inmates. When Seitarou wins, he lectures Kiji on his cockiness.[47]

Hajime vs

Hajime vs. Samon

After the third event, Hajime is approached by Nico who claims to have seen someone floating. Hajime brushes off his concerns but is forced to participate in the upcoming top-spinning event when Nico pulls him into the arena to have a closer look at Upa, the inmate he caught floating. Hajime reluctantly participates, fighting against Samon; the latter orders Qi and Upa to attack Hajime, but he is protected by Nico.[48] Hajime soon becomes irritated with Samon who has taken to attack him instead of the spinning top out of spite; he ignores him and tries to reach building five's top, being attacked by Upa's Ki. Samon continues fighting him before voicing his suspicions about Hajime's report to Momoko. Irritated, Hajime threatens him[49] and remains unaffected against all his subsequent attacks. As Samon refuses to submit, Hajime takes hold of the spinning top and throws it at his opponents, rendering building thirteen victorious.[50]

Hajime injures Jyugo

Hajime brutalizes Jyugo

Hajime remains awake the entirety of the following night, subsequently becoming exhausted. Despite this, he reluctantly agrees to participate in the final event when threatened into doing so by Kenshirou, becoming further irritated when Jyugo is forced to participate with him.[51] He then learns that Jyugo and Kenshirou's inmate Musashi are former cellmates. The event begins with Hajime racing Kenshirou up a flight of stairs to open a sake barrel; Kenshirou stops him from advancing with his whip while asserting his desire to be Nanba's strongest guard in Hajime's place. Hajime is nonplussed and remains unscathed after Kenshirou's attack, retaliating with a non-fatal gun he retrieved from a nearby weapon box.[52] The event takes a violent turn when Musashi and Jyugo lose their tempers and begin fighting with their respective superhuman powers. Ordered to capture them, Hajime and Kenshirou struggle to get close to them due to Musashi's pyrokinesis but are assisted by Kiji and Samon. As they and Kenshirou defeat Musashi, Hajime moves to interrogate Jyugo, preventing from killing Uno before proceeding to beat him until Momoko orders him to stop; by this time, Jyugo has lost consciousness.[53] Hajime must be held down by the remaining supervisors to prevent him from continuing;[54] following this, he proceeds to open the sake barrel, resulting in building thirteen winning the New Year's Tournament.[55]

Hajime is lectured by his coworkers

Hajime is lectured by the other supervisors

Hajime's victory results in a celebration in building thirteen, which is somewhat ruined due to Hajime's presence. He later spends some time in the smoking-room where he is berated by Samon, Kenshirou, and Kiji. Mocking them, Hajime returns to cell thirteen where he is instantly assaulted by an angry Uno. Hajime concedes that he would kill if his job required it, but was not trying to kill Jyugo. After Uno asserts his fondness for Jyugo, Hajime leaves and he is soon told by Mitsuru that he has been given a three-day suspension,[56] the entirety of which he spends working.[57]

Hajime Returns

Hajime returns to building thirteen

Hajime returns to the prison after his suspension and he is told that the remaining inmates have been well-behaved in his absence. He moves to interrogate Jyugo and, on the way there, encounters Kenshirou who proposes a more effective interrogation method of allowing Musashi and Jyugo to communicate with one another first.[58] Hajime agrees and visits Jyugo in the infirmary, mocking his despondent state before beginning communication between him and Musashi. He listens as they reveal their pasts to one another; after communication is shut off, Hajime mocks his inmate once again and accuses him of being empty. He asserts that Jyugo has no concept of motivation or greed, which Jyugo eventually concedes. Hajime continues to goad him despite his misery and eventually asks him to choose his victory prize before he is transferred to another building; after some prompting, Jyugo asks for a chance after which Hajime allows him to return to building thirteen. On the way there, Hajime provides his perceptive of Musashi's past and vows to find the man with the scar, before returning Jyugo to his cell in an apologetic mood.[59]

Part Two


Hajime and Hitoshi team up against the inmates

Hajime is once again forced to return an escaping Jyugo to his cell. After doing so, he is approached by Mitsuru who announces the arrival of building thirteen's newest guard; Hitoshi, Hajime's younger brother, who he quickly tries to convince to go home.[60] He later bemoans Hitoshi's presence in a staff room, while his coworkers congratulate him. As they do so, Jyugo, Uno, Rock and Nico appear as they are skeptical about the fact that if Hajime and Hitoshi are related. The inmates eventually goad the two of them into an escape match in the hopes of proving their suspicions correct. Irritated, Hajime chases after Uno and Rock[61] while explaining to Hitoshi that the job will be too hard for him. He is eventually caught in a trap triggered by Uno, which he breaks free from before proceeding to attack the two of them by throwing Hitoshi at them.[62] He continues to use his brother as a means of attacking the inmates and breaking traps until Mitsuru arrives. Hitoshi reveals that building thirteen was only his temporary assignment, thanking Hajime for being able to work with him before being transferred to the building four.[63]


Hajime in Uno's recreation room

Shortly after, Rock's prize for winning the New Year's Tournament is installed and an inmate from Samon's building is invited to share it; Hajime warns Samon that it won't happen again, and Kenshirou and Kiji appear to ask him about the prize.[64] Sometime later, Nico's prize is completed and Hajime is tasked with ensuring that the inmates behave. He soon begins arguing with Samon over the interactions between their respective inmates, eventually being broken up by Kazari.[65] He later appears in Uno's new recreation room, which he reluctantly helps move furniture into. As most of the supervisors and their inmates congregate in the recreation room, he becomes annoyed at their antics, particularly that of Mitsuru who brings a large number of games for the inmates to use[66]. When Momoko appears to examine the room, Hajime provides her with snacks.[67] After a while, Hajime orders the inmates to return to their cells; annoyed at their persistent protesting, he ends up hitting all of them.[68]

At some point that night, Hajime appears outside to reprimand an escaped Jyugo.[69] The following day, he visits Mitsuru in the broadcasting room to review the recordings from the night before, believing there may be an intruder inside; however, the cameras display nothing.[70]

Building Five arc

Hajime attends a supervisors' meeting in headquarters where Momoko explains that she's been called to an emergency meeting. As he and the other supervisors wonder what the meeting is about, Hajime scolds Tomato Ichijou and Mao Nimaijita for speaking out of turn.[71] Sometime after the meeting, he encounters an angry Samon in the corridor and arrives in a nearby staffroom to find a tense atmosphere.[72]

Hajime attacked by Yamato

Hajime is attacked by Yamato

Later, Hajime is present in his office where he asks Seitarou where Yamato is. Seitarou responds that he is likely late back from training before asking him if anything had happened to Jyugo, having noticed him behaving strangely. Indifferent, Hajime states that he's fine. As he does so, Yamato appears in the staff room and Hajime instantly asks him why he is so late;[73] unresponsive, Yamato unexpectedly attacks Hajime who blocks the attack and demands answers to his behavior. Yamato remains silent and continues to attack, with Hajime eventually managing to knock him out; upon doing so, he complains about his piles of paperwork that got ruined as a result. Seitarou scolds him for his carelessness before attempting to treat the injured Yamato. As Hajime wonders why he acted in such a manner, he awakens and knocks Seitarou unconscious.[74] Eventually, Hajime manages to defeat him; as he does, he notices a talisman on the back of his neck. As he examines the talisman, he seems to recognize it from somewhere.[75]

In response to the talisman, Hajime travels to building five and stops in a guard room on the way. There he encounters Kiji, who he asks where Samon is; Kiji hastily accuses him of wanting to pick another fight. Denying this, Hajime shows him the talisman which he deduces has come from Samon's building. As he continues on his way to visit Samon, Kiji reveals that he has been unable to contact him for some time.[76]

Stopping at cell thirteen before he leaves, Hajime is asked by Uno if they can come with him to building five, a request that Hajime instantly refuses. He asks why they wish to go, with Uno explaining their theory that Rock and Yamato started acting violently because of building five. As Hajime continues to refuse, Uno threatens to break out of the cell and go by themselves if he doesn't take them. Realizing he would be in trouble for allowing to wonder the prison at random, Hajime, after considerable deliberation, agrees to take them with him but warns them not to cause any trouble. Irritated, Hajime reluctantly takes Uno, Jyugo and Nico with him, hoping nothing will go wrong.[77]


Hajime arrives at building five

As Hajime and his inmates arrive outside building five, Hajime contacts Mitsuru and asks about the condition of building five. Mitsuru ultimately reveals that there are no guards present in the building, and presses him to investigate the matter. Irritated, Hajime cuts communication with him just as the building's entrance opens; he hastily scolds Jyugo for opening things without permission, though Jyugo denies doing so. They proceed to enter the building, with Hajime wondering why no one is nearby. As he does so, a trap in the form of a large cage appears; Hajime berates the inmates for their careless actions, only to realize that it is he who is trapped. He is soon handcuffed and chained as well. As the inmates mock his condition, they promptly fall into a trapdoor and Hajime displays no sympathy. As he berates them, Inori Hakkai appears and mocks Hajime for being captured so easily.[78]

Hajime imprisoned in the Gogyousan Prison

Hajime imprisoned

Hajime is handcuffed by Inori and taken to the lowest level of the Gogyousan Underground prison. Inori mockingly thanks him for getting caught without causing trouble, while Hajime states that it is due only to the handcuffs used to restrain him; Inori confirms that they belonged to former building five supervisor Enki Gokuu and would cause irreversible damage to his limbs if tampered with, before locking Hajime up in a nearby cell. As he wonders what he should do about the situation, Hajime is mocked by Samon, who is locked in a cage opposite his; they quickly start an argument, and Hajime asks what is happening in building five. Despondent, Samon recalls Enki's escape and Inori's subsequent betrayal of his building, explaining that while he attempted to fight back this time, he was unsuccessful.[79] Unsympathetic, Hajime asks why Enki's belongings, which Samon was supposed to have destroyed, still remain; deducing that Samon hid them, he berates him and states that they must kill Enki in order to stop him.[80]

Sometime later, Hajime and Samon hear a disturbance from an upper level and Samon explains that it is the result of Ruka Gojou's Bashosen. He also states the possibility of another Ki which he cannot adequately read, much to Hajime's annoyance.[81] After a while, Hajime notices something suspicious about the handcuffs placed on him. Impatient with his imprisonment, he announces his plans to escape and capture Enki, stating that it is his job. Samon reminds him of the deadly handcuffs, and he merely states that remaining where he is is a disgrace and moves to break them. As he does, Jyugo appears and deters him; angered, Hajime asks why he came.[82] Distressed, Jyguo states that he came because he wanted to. Hajime sees his reasoning as childish and mocks him; despite this, he ultimately orders Jyugo to free him despite Samon watching. After being released from his cell and handcuffs, Hajime asks Jyugo about his experiences in the underground before beginning to head back to the surface to find his belongings. Jyugo soon asks if they should rescue Samon, and Hajime orders him to do so after reasoning that he would get in trouble if he didn't. As Jyugo releases Samon, the latter quickly attacks Jyugo and berates Hajime for keeping his jailbreaking skills a secret; Hajime promptly assaults him, threatening to lock him up again.[83]
Hajime & Samon fight the Jiang Shi dolls

Hajime and Samon fight the Jiang Shi dolls

Samon continues to press Hajime about his inmates, with Hajime continually making excuses. Eventually, he changes the subject and asks where Inori is, asking why Samon allowed himself to be betrayed so easily; while Samon claims that he was only obedient due to the handcuffs, Hajime reveals that they are fake. He ultimately accuses Samon of not understanding Inori, stating that people's feelings aren't simple. His words prompt Samon to run away in distress; Hajime follows, dragging Jyugo behind him. They ultimately discover Enki's destroyed cell, discussing his great strength and Inori's motives.[84] As they continue through the underground, Hajime, Samon and Jyugo encounter a horde of Jiang Shi dolls. Ordering Jyugo to keep his handcuffs on and ignoring Samon's plans to report him to Momoko, Hajime begins to take down the Jiang Shi dolls with great efficiency, though he continually argues with Samon while doing so, there bickering eventually ending in physical violence.[85][86]

Defeating the Jiang Shi dolls, Hajime runs through the rest of the Underground Prison alongside Samon, whom he continues to argue with. As he nears the surface, he stops to tell a recaptured Uno not to leave his cell before running to catch up with Samon.[87]

Hajime vs

Hajime vs. Enki

After some time, Hajime arrives at the surface where he is immediately greeted by Enki attempting to kill Jyugo; Hajime blocks the attack and berates him. Attempting to apprehend Enki further, he is eventually paralyzed by Noriko Sanzou's charms, much to his irritation.[88] When asked about the nature of the charms by Jyugo, he dismisses the question and asks Noriko to remove them, which she refuses. Her insistence of his dangerous nature prompts Jyugo to ask if they hate one another, sparking an argument between them. As they bicker, Hajime notices Noriko prepare another set of charms and warns Jyugo to flee, but is too late as Jyugo is soon captured alongside him. Irritated, Hajime asks Noriko about her goal and deduces she came to help Enki escape, calling her a criminal for it. Noriko renounces his words and states that he is an evil presence; Hajime claims to be ordinary and reiterates that she is committing a crime, and may end up assisting a murder. Their conversation ends when Jyugo breaks the seals placed on him, asking Noriko what he and Enki know about him.

Hajime watches as Noriko and Enki prepare to kill Jyugo, only for Jyugo to use his blades against them. At he does, Samon frees him, Kiji and Kenshirou from their seals; ungrateful, Hajime berates Samon for running from Enki. As Jyugo emerges wielding his blades, Hajime denies responsibility for the inmate and moves to apprehend him.[89] Before he can get very far, he is restrained by his coworkers who remind him of the chaotic events that transpired earlier that year as a result of Hajime's violent actions and subsequent suspension. As Hajime panics at the thought of another suspension, Kiji attempts to form a plan and Hajime proceeds to confront Jyugo. He asks why Jyugo came with him, accusing him of "running away" as he did earlier; however, Jyguo suppresses his blades and announces his desire to start over in the prison, satisfying Hajime.[90]

Following this spectacle, Enki confronts Hajime and continues to insist that Jyugo is dangerous. Hajime states that he doesn't care and refers to Enki and his allies as a nuisance, complaining about his personal issues and ordering them to go back to their cells to no avail. Following the conversation, Hajime and Jyugo move to attack Noriko, with Jyguo stating that he wishes to act for his own sake and revealing that he has already removed his handcuffs, much to Hajime's annoyance.[91] He then continues fighting nearby Jiang Shi dolls, interrupted when Jyugo is spontaneously hurled towards him; Hajime ignores his pleas for help, claiming to have misheard him. Jyugo briefly explains the situation before using Hajime as a stepping stone to get to where he needs to reach, Hajime proceeding to beat him in annoyance. Attempting to read the Jiang Shi doll's movements, he notices that he has once again been attacked by Noriko's Ki. He listens as she explains her motives to Jyugo, who asserts his lack of fear and doubt over the matter.[92]

Hajime states that Noriko is attempting murder

Hajime states that Noriko is a monster

As Noriko continues her attempts to fight Elf and protect Enki, Hajime listens to Jyguo who explains that the woman reminds him of himself and Musashi before stating his desire to fight her. Indifferent, Hajime mocks the inmate's lack of stamina and fighting abilities and proceeds to bicker with him until Noriko attacks once more, eventually sealing Jyguo in a cave of rocks. As Hajime moves to berate her, her presence is replaced with that of her brother, Houdzuki Sanzou, who pleads with Hajime to save her.[93] He begrudgingly listens to Houdzuki, who claims that Noriko has done nothing wrong and that all he wants to do is to save her. Irritated, Hajime compares the siblings and their goals with that of Enki and calls Noriko a monster for failing to see those around her as humans.[94] Houdzuki denies his claims, stating that Noriko had a great amount of faith in the world and had been continually abused and mistreated just for being different from others. Their conversation moves on to the controversial occurrences regarding Enki's apparent murder, with Hajime questioning why Houdzuki didn't try to investigate it at the time; Houdzuki blames Hajime for destroying the crime scene and asserts his hatred for him.[95]

Hajime vs

Hajime threatens Houdzuki

Angered at his words, Hajime proceeds to ask Houdzuki why they plan to kill Jyguo. When he fails to answer, Hajime attacks him and states that he will protect Jyguo as part of his duties regardless of their motives. Threatening to kill him, Hajime continues to attack, stating that Houdzuki's actions are selfish and cowardly before continuing to beat him up so that Noriko can no longer use his body. As he prepares to kill Houdzuki, he is stopped by Noriko who sends a blast of Ki towards Jyugo; the latter emerges from the rocks he was previously trapped in, promising to finish things.[96] Hajime questions the inmate's plans, only for Jyugo to ignore him and attempt to fight Noriko who quickly attacks. Hajime shields Jyguo from the attack and asks once again what he's after, with Jyugo flatly refusing to answer. Hajime attempts to order him to leave, prompting an argument between them as Noriko continues to attack. Hajime continues to interrogate Jyguo as the two run, eventually becoming irritated and managing to throw Jyugo a great distance in his attempt to apprehend him; this allows Jyugo to approach Noriko, who he delivers encouraging words to.[97]

Hajime orders his inmates to return to building thirteen

Hajime orders his inmates to "go home"

With Noriko and Houdzuki eventually defeated, Jyguo asks Hajime if they took the right actions with Hajime responding that he neither knows nor cares.[98] The two come across Enki and Samon in the middle of their battle, and Hajime recalls Enki turning himself in to Hajime after his alleged murder and his assertion that he would take full responsibility. Outwardly asserting that such obligations are worthless, Hajime lights a cigarette and continues to survey the situation.[99] As the fight between brothers seems to reach its conclusion, Jyguo advances to ask them something, much to Haijme's annoyance. As Jyguo almost injures himself from exhaustion, Rock, Tsukumo, and Yamato reappear, with Hajime scolding the latter for his habitual carelessness.[100] As things settle down, Uno and Nico reappear to greet Jyguo and Hajime eventually orders them to return with him to building thirteen, which he refers to as "home".[101]

Returning to building thirteen, Hajime visits the infirmary where he is berated by Okina Otogi for his irresponsible actions.[102] Sometime later, he is approached in the corridor by Samon, who promises to prove Enki innocent so that building five can defeat him in the next New Year's Tournament.[103]

Part Three

Hajime looks for his escaped inmates

Hajime searches for his escaped inmates

Following the events in building five, Hajime gives the inmates of cell thirteen a set of sports jerseys sent by Samon as an apology gift, ignoring their complaints. Later, he brings Upa to cell thirteen to supervise him while building five undergoes reconstruction; he soon has to break up a fight between Upa and Rock, assaulting the former after he disrespects him.[104] Things soon return largely to normal, with Hajime ending up chasing the Jyguo, Uno, Nico, and Rock as they escape yet again, threatening to kill them.[105] Before he reaches them they are confronted by Samon; Hajime hits him over the head in an attempt to induce amnesia so that he forgets about the events that transpired in the Gogyousan Underground. His actions spark outrage from Samon, who makes to report Haijme and his inmates to Momoko. As he does, Uno, Nico, and Rock appear and challenge him to see if he can keep them in their cells more effectively than Hajime. Hajime criticizes the inmates' abrasiveness but ultimately agrees to the match,[106] receiving permission from Momoko to swap places with Samon for a day.[107]

Hajime supervises building five

Hajime as a supervisor of building five

Traveling to building five, he introduces himself to Qi, Upa, and Liang and internally concludes that he would rather deal with the former mafia members than his own inmates, though he soon becomes irritated by their disrespectful comments. Examining the day's schedule, he loses his temper upon realizing that building five's routine consists of nothing but training. He ultimately escorts the inmates to the arena and hopes his upcoming task will be an easy one, but he is soon approached by Liang who challenges him to a match; Upa explains that Samon had promised to fight them at that time, and Hajime should take his place. Hajime adamantly refuses, resulting in Liang trying to pick a fight with him; Hajime promptly knocks him out, causing his cellmates to berate his violent behavior. Annoyed, Hajime ends up taking a break and encounters Inori, who mocks his struggles before showing Hajime his new prosthetic arm and apologizing for his previous actions. Hajime rejects his apology but is eventually approached by Houdzuki who timidly apologizes; Hajime brushes him off as well, stating he has no interest in holding a grudge. Following these conversations, Hajime moves to take a cigarette break only to be told by Inori that there is no smoking room in building five, much to his horror.[108]

After Hajime and Samon's match, the two report to Momoko's office where Samon claims he encountered no problems, much to Hajime's relief. However, he goes on to point out the inmates' intolerable laziness, resulting in Hajime taking cell thirteen out for a building five-style training session. Watching the inmates, Haijme witnesses Houdzuki's acupuncturist skills and considers having him transferred to building thirteen.[109] Sometime after these events, Hajime approaches Tomato Ichijou in the infirmary where he is pestering Trois and Jyugo. After reprimanding Tomato, the latter turns on Hajime and threatens to look through building thirteen's surveillance cameras if Hajime doesn't permit him to examine Jyguo and his shackles.[110] Indifferent, Hajime later reports Tomato's behavior to Momoko.[111]

Later, Hajime is forced to awaken early in order to apprehend an escaping Jyugo. As he reprimands him, Hajime notices a change in the corridor's design; while investigating, he and Jyugo both fall into a nearby basement. Deducing they are trapped in a basement once again, Jyugo asks Hajime to contact Yamato, but Hajime has forgotten to bring communication equipment. As he blames Jyugo for his forgetfulness, he notices the surrounding surveillance cameras and decides to try and escape from the basement without getting into trouble.[112]


  • Hajime's name contains the Kanji for "one" (一). His surname, Sugoroku contains the Kanji for "set, pair, double" (双) and "six" (六).
    • Hajime’s name may be a reference to his building, as double six added to one equals thirteen.
    • The word "Hajime" can also mean "beginning" (はじめ), a word used in traditional Japanese martial arts such as Karate, Judo, Aikido and Kendo as a verbal command to “begin"
    • Sugoroku is the name of a Japanese board game traditionally played at New Year's.
  • According to Hajime's character card:[113]
    • His favorite color is crimson.
    • He likes soba and cigarettes.
    • He dislikes squid.
    • His hobbies include shogi and motorcycles.
  • Hajime is a black belt in judo.[114]
  • Hajime is a heavy smoker, smoking an incalculable number of cigarettes per day.[115]
  • According to Seitarou, Hajime is a tenth dan in calligraphy.[116]
  • Hajime has a fear of June bugs.


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